Online Shopping in a Changing World

Shopping Online

Once upon a time, there were the good old days. Where exactly on the calendar “the good old days” started or finished is anyone’s guess. Depending on your generation’s space in time (and probably the omission of those who had to fight in World Wars), the good old days, are looking pretty thin.

There was a generation that marvelled at the motorcar, and one that took it for granted. There was a generation that marvelled at aircraft and those who grew up with it and took it for granted.

There was the radio, the twin-tub washing machine, the television……..the Colour Television, space flight.

Defining where the good old days might or might not have been, is like nailing shadows to the wall, as little miracles enter our lives but soon turn into everyday routine use.

Fibre optic cables. A generation has grown up knowing nothing other than the service that these bundles of marvel provide.

In the good old days of copper wiring, “dial-up” (narrow band) meant that an exercise to use a computer was a little like having to take a horse drawn coach to visit the next town.

Now information can be carried at high speed by broadband to your personal computer, laptop, tablet, smart-TV, allowing us to work, shop, socialise, even do our personal banking online.

Well, it would seem, that right here and right now, across the generations, as we approach perhaps the “internet of everything”, that the good old days are for all of us, whatever physical age we may be.

The consummate ease of a few simple strokes to a keyboard can bring so much to you, that twenty years ago was astonishing, now, it’s what we do.

From the comfort of your easy chair, not just the high street is brought to you, but a national high street, even an international one, whilst you still have your slippers on.

The range of goods available online is virtually never ending. The shop windows of the Mall or the high street are limited by their bricks and mortar physical capacity.

The online shop knows no such boundaries. Out of town warehousing can be extensive, but in many cases, national warehousing multiplies the potential for choice, even international, with modern shipping and courier capability dovetailing with the trends.

Shopping online today covers far more than buying shoes or books, although it seems paradoxical that now we organise all of our travel arrangements, flight tickets, rail tickets etc. without leaving the house.